We love making cakes for all of your special events, and we also LOVE getting feedback from you! Please feel free to leave any comments about your cake experience with us. Thanks!

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15 comments on “Guestbook

  1. I had the privilege of going to Let Them Eat Cake’s Open House and sampling a variety of flavors including the delicious chocolate with chocolate buttercream icing, and the melt in your mouth heavenly Pumpkin Spice cake. The samples were all so amazing it is hard to pick a favorite flavor! Not only does “Let Them Eat Cake” create some of the most stunning cakes I’ve seen, but they taste just as wonderful! If you’re looking for a creative conversation piece, along with a delicious flavorful cake- look no further!!!!

  2. I was able to try some wonderful samples of Let Them Eat Cake’s creations at the Bridal Expo at the Civic Center in Florence. I fell in love with the Pumpkin Spice and the chocolate on chocolate. I have never been a huge fan of Pumpkin Spice, but after tasting a sample, I was hooked! It was delicious! And needless to say, the chocolate on chocolate was just as divine. They had some remarkable displays to go along with the samples! Even the cutest grooms cake with antlers on it, for the brides who are marrying a man who loves to hunt! They also had the MOST adorable cake-pops, which are perfect for any occasion! If you are searching for a place to create the most eye catching, delicious and one of a kind cakes, Let Them Eat Cake should be your number one, and only stop! Plus they have an amazing and super friendly staff who are so eager to help and give you information!

  3. I came to the grand opening celebration mostly just to film for a school news story but when the cake was brought out I couldn’t resist! I only tried three flavors (red velvet, pumpkin spice, and strawberry) but they were all delicious! I also love how Mrs. Travis is so dedicated to making all of her customers happy which is pretty obvious in looking at all of her previous work and just hearing her talk about the new shop and how excited she is about it. My graduation is just around the corner and if there’s going to be any cake involved here in Columbia I’m pretty sure it’ll come from just down I-20 in Florence at Let Them Eat Cake!

  4. Jackie made the most beautiful and delicious cake for my daughter’s high school graduation! It was a Clemson cake and was the hit of the party! I never could’ve even dreamed of such a creative design! I would highly recommend Let Them Eat Cake!

  5. I will always remember the large Cocky cake that Mrs. Travis made for a USC football tailgate. Not only was it beautiful on the outside, but it tasted even better on the inside! The amount of detail that goes into her cakes is unbelievable, and yet the quality always remains perfect. I have tried several flavors of her cakes, and the peanut butter and chocolate has to be my favorite! I highly recommend her cakes for any occasion!

  6. I will never forget the huge Cocky cake that Mrs Travis made for a USC tailgate I attended with them. Not only was the cake extremely detailed…the cake was just as delicious. I love the dedication that Mrs. Travis always puts into her cakes. She never disappoints!!!:) I highly recommend her for any occasion. You will definitely not be disappointed !

  7. I had the wonderful privilege of having Jackie make the wedding cake for my daughters wedding. I knew the cake would be beautiful because I know Jackie does beautiful work but I was blown away at how GORGEOUS this cake was. Each layer was a different flavor and every flavor was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!! I know because I ate some of each! The cake was as delicious as it was beautiful. We couldn’t have been more pleased. I highly recommend LET THEM EAT CAKE!! You’ll enjoy a wonderful experience!

  8. My husband surprised me with a birthday cae from Let Them eat Cake and it was not only gorgeous to look at, it was absolutely delicious! The cake – a camera (I’m a professional photographer) – was detailed to look exactly like the camera I use and was exact to the tiniest of details. Just fantastic! I would – and HAVE – recommended Jackie to all my clients and it always cheers me up when I see one of her cakes at a wedding I have shot! Very highly recommended!

  9. I have had the privilege of having a few cakes from Jackie and each time, she absolutely blows me away! For my birthday, I received a cake at my work that looked like two beers in a champagne bucket. To show how accurate she is, not only did people ask if we sold that beer anymore, but someone asked if she could buy the bucket! What an amazing job, and the taste? Once my friends at work saw the cake, they were on a mode to devour it! Just… wow!

  10. The day Mrs. Travis brought the Cinnamon Apple cake to Senior Semester might have been one of the proudest days of my life. No seriously. I was speechless. My taste buds were off the charts happy.

  11. We used Jackie when we were deciding on our wedding cake! She was so wonderful, letting us into her home to sample her delicious cake!! She helped design each separate tier of the cake and did a fabulous job with the wedding cake, as well as the groom’s cake!! And we also had her yummy cake pops around the cake and OMG what a hit!! Everyone still raves about the wedding cake flavor- key lime pound cake! Holy moly, everyone try it ASAP! Haha you will NOT regret using Let Them Eat Cake for your next event!

  12. Theses cakes are not only delicious but also works of art! From wedding cakes, to graduation cakes, to holiday cakes, to birthday cakes, to any special occasion cakes-Jackie’s cakes are unique. Each one is special and well-crafted! I have seen and tasted many of her creations and have never been disappointed! LET THEM EAT CAKE is the epitome of delicious and creative cakes! If you want the ultimate in a creative, unusual, elegant, or fun cake, you have found the right baker and artist in Jackie Travis at LET THEM EAT CAKE!

  13. I had the privilege of getting to sample one of Jackie Travis’s very first cakes. It was, of course, unbelievably beautiful and delicious, as are all of the cakes she has made since then. Not only is she is incredibly talented, but she has the kind of warm and inviting personality that makes you want to stick around and EAT MORE CAKE!! I would never go anywhere else for a cake! Jackie Travis rocks!!!

  14. I’ve tasted a few of these wonderful cakes! One that stands out in my mind was the large “Cocky cake” that I tasted at USC tailgate. The inside was rice krispy, all I have to say is YUM!! (and he was adorable) Also, I remember eating a fall inspired cake, the cake itself was beautiful it was different colored leaves and the inside tasted of apples and sweetness! it was delicious!!! Not only are the cakes a masterpiece when you see them from the outside, but the best part is they taste AMAZING! You could never turn one down!

  15. Have had several of your beautiful, delicious cakes and my family and I are just way too excited about the graduation cake you are making for us this weekend. Can’t wait to see it!!!! We just know it will be gorgeous and of course yummy!!! You’re the best!!!

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